Indus Battle Royale Game: Official Link, Release Date, Game Size, System Requirements

I know many of you want to know about Indus Battle Royale Game, because, this game gets too much hype after the UGW, BGMI game. But, is Indus Battle Royale Game Game beat BGMI, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, or UGW?

Let us know about Indus Battle Royale Game Game Official Website Link, Indus Game size, and more. They build this game for the battle royal game lovers.

Indus Battle Royale Game

What Is Indus Battle Royale Game

Indus Battle Royale Game is a new type of Battle Royale game which you all can play on your phone whether it is Android or iPhone. The purpose behind making this game is to promote the game culture in India, and if someone wants to play the game, then play the game made in his own country instead of outside, on this line this game has been prepared.

According to the information received, this new type of game has been launched, which has been prepared in India only, everything in this game like emote, player look, map, guns, etc. has been prepared by the people of India only. Gone, which is really a good thing.

In Indus Game you will find about 6 characters, which are the life of this game, all of which have their own powers, using which you will get a different fun of playing the game. If we talk about the rest of the map, it is also made very well, which gives a different look to this game.

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Indus Battle Royale Game Details

Name of GameIndus Battle Royale Game
Game APK SizeAvailable Soon
Made BySuperGaming SG
Run-inAndroid and iOS
System Requirements2 GB Ram & More
Pre RegistrationAvailable
AvailabilityAt Play Store and iOS Store
Release Date25 Jan 2023
Play Store LinksIndus Game
Official WebsiteSuperGaming SG

Indus Battle Royale Developer

indus battle royale

Talking about the makers of Indus Game, this game has been made by SuperGaming SG, which everyone can play very easily. This company is trying its best to make the game experience as good as possible so that more and more people can play it on their mobiles.

Indus Battle Royale Game Features

In this game, you get features like the given below-

indus apk gameplay
  1. Guns With stylish skins
  3. Indian Battle Royal
  4. Leaderboard Based on world and Country Levels
  5. Better Guns Stability.
  6. Seasonal Updates and more

Indus Battle Royale Play Store

According to the information received, this game is available on the Play Store, which you can play. This game will soon leave its mark on people like other games have left on people.

Indus Battle Royale System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements For Indus Game-

  • Minimum Storage Space – 3GB Free Space
  • RAM – 2GB Ram Space
  • A Stable Internet Connection of at least 4G

Maximum System Requirements For Indus Game-

  • Storage Space – 4GB+ Free Space For maps and extra graphic packs
  • RAM – 4 to 6 GB Ram for stable and flawless gameplay
  • Stable Internet Connection (Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G)

Indus Battle Royale Game Size

indus battle royale game size

As per my analysis, this game will become about 2 to 3GB in size, but it also provides graphic packs for some high-end devices. So, You have some extra space on your mobile phone to play this game.

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Is Indus Battle Royale Game Indian Game?

Yes, Indus Battle Royale Game is totally India Based game for android and iOS. You can play this game In India and also all over the world.

What is the Indus Battle Royale Game size?

Now, you all know about Indus Battle Royale Game Size, Release dates, its requirements, and more. If you have any questions regarding Indus Game then comment below I will reply soon. Also, Save Our Website For Future INDUS Latest Updates INDUSAPK.NET

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  1. Please make team death match and some more guns and I like the trailer and I hope the game come soon and I hope the game popular in worldwide and make india more stronger in esports


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