Best Guns In Indus Game: Guns In Indus Battle Royale Game

If you also want to know about the guns in Indus Game and you also want to know which is a good and better Gun In Indus Battle Royale Game. Because when you have a good gun then only you can play the game easily and can also win. So let’s know about Indus Game Gun in this post.

In this article, you will find the complete damage list of Indus Game weapons based on their fire rate and damage done by them to have a solid chance of being the winner in the game. Along with the damage list, we have also categorized them according to pistols, shotguns, rifles, etc.

Guns In Indus Game

Guns In Indus Game

Just like soldiers are taught to fight, combat in Indus Game also starts with what set of weapons you have, as they give you a good idea about your chances of being the final survivor or not, so you need to have a full damage list of weapons to determine what will work for you In the gang wars.

Indus Game all guns collecting called Mythwalker Arsenal. You see these seven guns in the game. Those names are A27 Locust, Kismet CS10, Tempest CFA, Judgment, Devastator, Vantage, and V-Fury.

A27 Locust

this one is the jack of all trades, the Locust is good at all ranges on the battlefield and boasts a manageable but deadly rate of fire which may kill your enemy too fast. Its mag capacity is enough to take down enemies with ease. All Indus Game Characters are made to handle these guns easily.

a27 locust gun

Kismet CS10

It is a semi-automatic combat shotgun with a high damage output. You all know shotguns are medium-small range guns but they damage you, the enemy, very hard. Kismet fires its pellets in a pre-defined pattern, making it viable at longer ranges.

kismet cs10 gun in

Tempest CFA

If you want to use any high-fire rate gun then Tempest CFA is the one, which has a high-risk, high-reward gun, having the highest rate of fire in the Mythwalker arsenal. It also requires high skill to handle it properly in the game. Sometimes it’s hard to handle fire.

tempest cfa gun in


This one is a small pistol-type gun named The Judgment. It is a unique semi-automatic hand cannon with an extending barrel. you can easily take down a fully-charged shield of the enemy.

judgement gun in

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The Devastator boasts a large ammo capacity, you may carry a lot number of ammo in this gun. It uses high-powered rounds, making it capable to kill any enemy caught in its crosshairs.



This one is a long-range gun-like sniper. Vantage is one of the few weapons which are useful at very long ranges. It has the highest damage per bullet in the entire Indus Game Mythwalker Arsenal.

vantage gun in


This one is an SMG type of gun, which is light to handle and light to carry. The V-Fury is part of the latest Vitalis series and is one of the most accessible guns in the game Indus Game.

V FURY gun in

How Many guns In Indus Game?

He currently has seven guns namely A27 Locust, Kismet CS10, Tempest CFA, Judgment, Devastator, Vantage and V-Fury.

What is Mythwalker Arsenal In Indus Game?

Final Words

You all know about Guns In Indus Game, if you have any questions related to Indus Battle Royale Guns then comment below I will help you also have my website For Future updates.

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